I nostri pezzi Hardcore Punk preferiti del 2017 (fino ad ora)

Un po’ di legnate in faccia in attesa delle playlist di fine anno. Cliccate sulle singole tracce e ricordate di mettere l’elmetto. A cura di Luca Cescon. 

“Self portrait” – Every Stranger Looks Like You

“Filth” – Fortune’s Fool

“Rotting fruit (is for the birds)” – Bungler

“Wealth weighed in spirit” – Crafter

“In harmony” – Hawser

“Embrace” – Ghost Key

“Family and friends” – Oak

“Shadow of death” – Advent

“Immortal weapon” – Ecostrike

“Aspire” – Years Apart

“Counting sheep” – Homesick

“Don’t dare tread on me” – Incited

“A way to cope” – Bruise

“Forever” – Code Orange

“Up like this” – Sabella

“River of hypocrisy” – No Zodiac

“On the spit” – Open City

“Wither Collapse” – Vices

“Throw that stone” – Comeback Kid

“No future” – Conveyer

“Necessary death” – End

“Waging death” – Get the Shot

“Separate” – Guilt Trip

“Terminal” – Lifelink

“Heavy chains” – Reactions

“New era” – Valleys

“E.D.A.” – Varials

“Bad to my world” – Backtrack

“Loveless” – Castaway

“You are free” – Stick to your Guns

“B.C.” – Kublai Khan

“Rope” – Counterparts

“Freedom” – Gideon

“Severed ties” – Malevolence

“Self made” – We Ride

“Perpetual lows” – Brutality will prevail

“Vulture” – 18 Miles

“Wuhan prison” – Ays

“Don’t speak for me” – Death of a nation

“Shock of the fall” – Giver