Una playlist dei nostri pezzi hardcore preferiti da mettere sotto l’Albero di Natale

Dato che buona parte delle classifiche di fine anno degli addetti ai lavori sembrano ignorare i top player dell’hardcore mondiale, noi vi mettiamo un po’ di pacchi-bomba in mezzo al Presepe. A cura di Luca Cescon. 

Power Trip“Waiting around to die”

Employed to Serve“Void ambition”

Time to Heal“Never”

Vicious Embrace“Existence is misery”

Sect“Day for night”

Disavow “Half empty”

Gouge Away – “Swallow”

Foreseen “Bloodline”

Full Bloom “The act”

Trust Issues “Cursed”

Friendship “Grief”

Portrayal of Guilt “The one”

Tiger Flowers “Chapter 3: court of vultures”

Razorbite “World to come”

Axis “Fear and impulse”


False Accusations “Living (without a sense of love)”

Mercy Blow“Fodder”

Put It Aside“Never another choice”


Break Away “Cross my heart”

Abuse of Power “When then becomes now”

Incendiary“The product is you”

Orhodox“I’m scared of you”

Dare “Scream2Say”

New Heart “One less chain”

Lowered A.D. – “Pillar of salt”

Ruse – “Full force”

The Death In Me – Blackwater

Short Leash – “Severance”

Capitol Offense “Captive”

Judiciary – “Pure fury”

Fury – “Buried (Ability)”

Ill Natured – “Ill natured”

Hangman – “Life sentence”

End It – Wishlist

Jab – “Leech”

Year of the Knife – “Your lucky day”

Queensway – Return to dirt”

Sanction “The prophet who saw fire”

Gatecreeper“Mastery of power”

Vein – “A crumpled memo”

Harness – “Meditations”


Concealed Blade – “Blame game”

Libe Brawl – “Bonehead”

Trapped Under Ice – “Knox”

True Love – “The other way”

Unified Right – “Dedicated to the ones I love”

Strengthen What Remains – “Liberation of the spirit”

Lowest Priority“Face what u know”